Ixtapa to Huatulco

The first thing I do when we are feeling in the mood to get going is open up the guide books and the charts to figure out what sort of destination and passage we have in store. This starts with deciding how far we want to go and where… then we calculate mileage and time … Continue reading

Manzanillo // Overland to Nexpa

Manzanillo is about 27 miles South of Barra and the passage was into headwinds. Temps were in the high 80’s and it was hazy and muggy. I had seen photos of this spot on the cover of cruising guides and was eager to arrive. The anchorage is tucked behind the breakwater to the Las Hadas … Continue reading

Punta Mita to Barra de Navidad

We spent a couple days at Punta Mita – the original destination. I’m sure one of said at least twice “Once we’re in Punta Mita we can relax… there will be tons of waves, we can get everything we need there. Vallarta area and Banderas Bay are the destination for a while…” Well, we didn’t … Continue reading


Chacala has been our best spot yet. Wikipedia says the population is 300 and during holidays it can surge to nearly 1000 when vacationing city-folk come out to enjoy the beach. We were in Chacala during a short holiday weekend and witnessed the tents that line the beach and the hundreds of ninos playing in … Continue reading

Crossing the Cortez to San Blas

We arrived in San Blas, Nayarit in mainland Mexico and anchored in Mantanchen Bay after making our longest passage yet, 265nm and 3 nights at sea. View from at anchor in the bay Our engine died 20 miles from the destination around 5am in total calms. After a few minutes of silence and getting the … Continue reading

Los Cabos and Tsunami Report

Cabo is nice. Especially nice after a month at sea in cold water and cold weather. This is the first place we have anchored where you can peer overboard and see the bottom. The water is so clear! Flocks of rays swim on the surface by with their little wing tips out of the sea. … Continue reading

Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas

We stayed in Bahia Santa Maria for 10 days. After posting here last we were planning to leave… but the wind! my god does she blow!! We rode out another 30+ night on the hook and were joined by several boats looking for some protection from the seas. Spray from the waves was making it … Continue reading

Santa Maria Bay

Other than tacking back and forth on the hook in 30+ knot gusts… the craziest things that happened while in Bahia Santa Maria were finding several Great White Shark (GWS) carcasses (I like to call them carcai) on the beach, running aground in the dinghy (thrice) while navigating the mangrove lined estuary, and trading 5 … Continue reading

Bahia Asuncion

The pacific high pressure broke down and opened up a slot for a decent low pressure system to move on over into Southern California and Northern Baja bringing South winds and rain. We are so glad we are in the calm, sunny weather of Baja Sur! We’re not counting any chickens though and are headed … Continue reading

Turtle Bay

We have talked of this place many times as a mystery to our imagination and now it will be only a memory. Bahia de Tortugas is a common place to stop in for a rest, a refuel, and a toast. This place is a fine feature of the earth being a naturally enclosed harbor offering … Continue reading

Bahia de San Quintin

We are anchored up at Bahia de San Quintin watching whales come about and squirt! The anchorage is rather flat although a bit windy and lying off a volcanic rock and sandy point to the West. We have full protection here from the prevailing Northwesterly seas and have found the anchorage rather agreeable despite the … Continue reading

Ensenada Mexico

We are in Ensenada! We left at noon on Thursday the 21st out of Channel Islands Harbor. It was a clear beautiful day with light winds from the West. We headed SE on a route to Ensenada (200 miles). The trip was fabulous, expect the appearance of the Coast Guard cutter circa Tijuana at sunset … Continue reading

Channel Islands

It was an early morning on Friday the 21st, when we finally got to getting outta town.  It was clear and calm and there was the full moon waiting for our departure. If you have ever been to D-Dock at Ventura West Marina you would know that it smells like poop. really. And they aren’t … Continue reading

Weather Window

We were planning to leave Ventura tomorrow, the 15th of January. However, that massive canker sore thing in the above graphic has asked us to please wait. The weather models are predicting this mega-storm to travel the norther Pacific and go nuts. The storm will not hit this area at all but throw huge swell … Continue reading

Ventura Harbor

Just a little taste of Ventucky.

Just follow the arc from the big dipper’s handle to the brightest star – Arcturus

Hi friends! Here it is. The adventures of Julie and Andrew and their sailing sloop Arcturus. Today it is pouring rain in Ventura and winds are predicted to reach 50 knots. We are safe in our slip and the cabin is warm and dry. We plan to leave for Mexico in the next few weeks. … Continue reading