Matrix 27

1987 Matrix 27′

Matrix27Arcturus is one of two Matrix 27s. She was built in Ventura, CA by Lou Nagy. Designed as a pocket-cruiser and built using high quality and over sized materials and reinforcements.

LOA (Length Overall): 27′ 3″
LWL: 23′ 2″
BEAM: 8′ 5″
DRAFT: 3′ 5″
BALLAST: 2800 lbs.

Year: 1987 – Ventura, CA

Construction Material: FRP using modified epoxy resin with closed cell foam core

Hull Design: Shoal draft winged keel and a skeg hung rudder

Rig: High aspect ratio rig and over-sized chain plates and rig reinforcements

Diesel Power: Yanmar Diesel 1GM10 with a SD20 Sail Drive, 25 gallon tank /+15 on deck

Additional Power: 2 100 watt solar panels

Ground Tackle: Primary anchor, 30# Rocna on 100′ of 5/16 HT Chain and 250′ of 5/8″ 8-Plait Nylon rode.

6 Responses to “Matrix 27”
  1. Best of luck on your adventure – what an amazing one it will be! Thank you for all the recent help!!

  2. Terry Kluh says:

    So you are in Ensenada, Mexico…………
    The great adventure has begun and you will have many great times ahead.
    Keep us up to date on your adventures as we are all waiting to hear from you.
    Glad the satalite phone worked.
    Love to you both, From mom, dad and the entire family.

  3. Fabienne Nitopi says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are enjoying! Love you.

  4. Sare Bear says:

    Boy do i miss you Scarfy. So happy to see you are doing well and enjoying your freedom. Beautiful photos, keep em comming. So many time a day I think I am going to ask you to come over and hang out and remember you are gone. The boys miss you too and we have your picture you made on the mantle. Say hello to Andrew and have so much fun. Did I say I miss you 😉

  5. Jim Mcfarlane says:

    Hi I am the guy you met when you went ashore in San Quintin on the 4 wheel ATV. Looking at you website and am so glad you are having a good time. You are young so do what ever you want and listen to whats in your head and not others
    .Have a wonderful time. If you are ever up Grass Valley way get in touch with me best adventures to you Jim

    • followthearc says:

      Jim, what a cool surprise! We didn’t remember if we told you about the blog or if you just found us, so thanks for saying hello! It was very cool to meet you on the beach that day. I probably didn’t tell you then, but when I saw you coming over to us I nearly ran to hide! Your encouragement was priceless and we are happy to report that we had smooth sailing the rest of the way down baja and have not been sick since! We will certainly be in touch if we come up your way.

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