Two Months in the Mentawais

We did not sail to the Mentawai Islands on Arcturus… but I have happily broken my sailing-only blog content vow to share with you the remote and beautiful glory of the magical Mentawai Islands off the Sumatran coast of Indonesia…

Home for a little while…

Preparing for the trip

Padang River

Arriving at sunrise after a night passage on the  ferry from Padang, Sumatra

mist full-boat view bungalow rifffles white-sand kidd-o red-dragon-fly fishing pit-stops shells spear-fishing up-stairs waater mentawai-backpack too-perfect meao tippyboaty 
sunset stripeys  wrap shrimping shmusk  reef-bw  manu-rifles
Photo credit: Manu Miguelez

smiles rain    mentawai-broom   loon  makala boat  line-up rai local-gear brewing  sibarut clouds-remind-me-of-sea grassy launch glowing flying-lizard
This is a flying lizard! It soars from coconut tree to coconut tree.

glassy flower kids-bw  pittys flat lil-girl fishy-land  fishing-boat e-bay dragon-fly cutty coral storm-light beach-flowers coco calmest-day butterfly     rain-sea bintang  evening-waves mentawai-box   aqua-fish-coral last-surf
Haha! What?! We’re leaving tomorrow?!

9 Responses to “Two Months in the Mentawais”
  1. Kristen Rice says:

    You are both amazing and I miss you terribly! Keep the photos coming & safe travels my dear! xoxo

  2. Aunt Suz says:

    Oh my gosh! Love you guys and your travels.
    Julie, would you mind coming home and just doing the photog on the office yourself?

  3. Jenny Shade says:

    Goodness, it is so very beautiful. Keep living the dream!

  4. Holy crap!!!! So freaking amazing! I don’t think was a pic in there that I wasn’t wishing I was there with my wife too! Really beautiful stuff Julie! Some day I hope I make it there.

  5. Marisa says:

    Hi Julie and Andrew! We love your pictures! We’re leaving on our adventure in 6 days! Hope to see you somewhere on this amazing planet 🙂

  6. Jac Thiago says:

    Wow!! You guys are awesome!! Great pictures! You should sail to Mentawai on Arcturus!!

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