Safe and Sound

Arcturus has been at anchor in Boca Chica Panama since we left her in September. Tucked in behind many small islands the anchorage has full protection from the open ocean. Lightening-strike, theft, anchor rode chafe, anchor dragging, etc. were all possible while being left unattended. A friend who owns a nearby hotel kept an eye on it for us and sent some photos a couple months back to confirm she was still floating and well.

Calm Estuary

Calm estuary in Panama

We returned to the boat, almost five months later to find that she hadn’t moved an inch. The boat was in excellent shape, especially compared to last time we left it for only a few months in El Salvador. When we returned previously, the boat was covered in mold, our batteries were completely dead, our solar charge controller was toast, and to top it off our engine was seized.

Boat after left for 5 months

The boat is in excellent shape. Even clean from the rain with everything as we left it.

This year, I have little to report. Batteries were topped, engine turned, nearly no mold, and the bottom wasn’t even too covered in gunk and barnacles. The only sign of our absence was a carefully made bird nest under the surfboard bag we left on deck.

Birds nest on deck

Our caretakers while we were away

Rode and Chain after anchored for 5 months

After 5 months in the mud we thought our chain and rode would be in much worse shape than this


This is our Rocna Anchor after holding Arcy for 5 months. After two years we have never drug an inch.

Although we felt right at home as soon as we cracked the hatch, the plan was to check on the boat and haul her out of the water to leave her for a little while longer. We hired a tow over to the yard from a water taxi and as we approached the mooring in front of the yard, he ran us aground! After all these miles not a single grounding and just two hours on board and we had her dry on the rocks. There is nothing quite like the halting grind of the keel under your feet. Before this moment I often thought in wonder of the saying “there are only two kinds of sailors, those who have run aground and those who will”.


First things first, dreaming and determining when the next big passage will take place


We arranged to have the boat put into the small yard. Unfortunately it would be a couple of weeks before it could be done so we left her in their care moored out front. The yard owner didn’t accept a dollar for the service, instead we are trading for a website. Hurray!!

We slept two nights on the main cabin settees and left town. We traveled North to Nicaragua to visit one of our favorite spots we stopped at on the way down last year.
















3 Responses to “Safe and Sound”
  1. Lori says:

    Enjoyed the photos..good to hear from you guys…xo!

  2. Joaquin Corssen says:

    so stoked to see you guys back on the mission aboard Arcturus, we were all wondering what happened to gringo loco and la polola, and specially because we did a lot a sailing in Caldera bay. But i knew you’ll be back soon 🙂 I’m really looking foward of a chance to get together sometime this year! Nececito mucho!!! Wish you the best olas y viento 🙂

  3. Tery & Ricky says:

    Love following you & hour travels!! What an incredible journey u r on!! Thankful all us better than expected! Hope Che is up & running sooner than later . Love &higs to u both. xoxo Ricky & Ter

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