Santa Teresa and The Cloud Forest

After having spent over four months with very little time ashore and every night aboard the boat at anchor we were eager to enjoy the comforts of land. Finally doing that big load of laundry, walking to pick up fresh produce, a still night not rolling in the ocean swell, not having to get up when it starts to rain to make sure every window and hatch is secure and of course an ice cold drink. We left the boat at a slip in Puntarenas and went to meet Andrew’s friend in beautiful Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula, for you guessed it… a surf trip! Beautiful beaches, colorful jungle full of wildlife and the kind of place where people come to visit and never leave.

The beach at Santa Teresa

A few tiny treasures… cobalt blue and white seaglass bead found in the gravel at Playa del Carmen

The big peaky beach break of Santa Teresa

Seaglass found in Montezuma

A howler monkey in a mango tree seen from our porch in Santa Teresa

Watercolor of make-believe land

Looking South toward Cabo Blanco

This is a repost from when we sailed by this beach. From sea it barely looked inhabited, with mostly jungle and a few dots of houses. From land we learned there was a lot more going on, it’s just hidden in the trees.

The rocky coves in Montezuma

The Cloud Forest

Visiting the cloud forest in Monteverde reminded me of the Pacific Northwest forests… dripping with moisture, covered in moss, ferns filling in each little gap, and quiet. The cool mountain climate was a wonderful change from the sticky, hot sea-level we’ve become used to.

Just to walk through the mystical forest, listening to the beautiful sounds of quetzal birds was well worth the trip. Being on land is always a welcome change after having been at sea, and after having been on land, so is preparing to head to sea again…

10 Responses to “Santa Teresa and The Cloud Forest”
  1. Jenny Shade says:

    Freaking amazing!

  2. Joaquin Corssen says:


  3. Theresa Kluh says:

    It’s like looking at an issue of National Geographic. Thanks for helping all of us back home get a peak at the beauty of this wondrous place.

  4. This was my favorite post so far! The colors are amazing! Did you ever watch Ferngully when you were younger? Cloud Forest reminds me of it so much.

  5. Kelli Childers says:

    I remember when jen and I were hiking through the cloud forest, her and I both said that it reminded us of the Pacific Norhwest :). It’s so exciting seeing you explore places I’ve been! We’ll have lots of stories to share with each other! Where are you heading next? Miss ya lots! Be safe!

  6. followthearc says:

    Thank you everyone! We’re heading South soon.

  7. Verity says:

    safe sailing! love reading your updates! I’m in Australia! xxxx

  8. amber robinson says:

    So much beauty! Thank you for capturing pieces to share. We’re following your story and looking forward to discovering where the next destination is!

  9. wow your photos are just getting better and better…


    • Patty Layton says:

      Julie….the photos are magical and your artistry is beyond beautiful! You are living a dream that you will cherish forever and ever….so glad I get to have a peek once in awhile. Love to you.

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