Salt Water Color

Watercolor from the shade of the shore

View out the back door

A squall moving down the gulf

Just peeling away with nobody out

We were boarded by the Costa Rican Coast Guard, as you can see. They wanted to know if it was our boat and if we had an EPIRB (an emergy locating device). Yes and Yes, and they left.

Sparrows visiting in the evening

Huge crocs on an inland adventure for propane

“secret beach”

The beautiful blue morpho

Outside of the wings

My salt-watercolor rendition


Easy passages in the gulf

Calm evening at anchor

Heading into the marinas of Puntarenas at the height of the tide flood

11 Responses to “Salt Water Color”
  1. Pollyanna says:

    OMG I love your blog

  2. Lori says:

    Great shots…stoked…xo

  3. Sherry says:

    These are beautiful…please keep sharing!! Were those crocs in Costa Rica? Hope to be going…don’t like the looks of those guys..yikes!!

  4. Joaquin Corssen says:

    Are you serious right now!!! These pictures blew my mind, it is true what they say then… Costa Rica, pura vida! specially if you live it like you guys 😉 Much love and peace for both of you, thanks for sharing this!

  5. Joaquin Corssen says:

    I just still can’t believe “secret beach”…

  6. Verity says:

    Gorgeous photos! what an adventure!!

  7. Karina S Daily says:

    Your watercolors are amazing!! It took me a minute to realize the butterfly wasn’t a photo =)

  8. Andrea says:

    The butterfly is amazing! All of your photos and paintings are beautiful.

  9. Suzie Winans says:

    Took us awhile to realize that they were JULIES watercolors! So beautiful!

  10. Bill wicks says:

    Enjoy the photos and the water colors. Stay safe. Bill from d dock.

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