Sailing Peninsula de Nicoya

What a treat Costa Rica has been. A coastline full of bays, reefs and clear water have created protected anchorages, surf, and beautiful sandy coves. Spending our days free-diving reefs, exploring empty beaches, and surfing in clear warm waves has slowed time down to a new reality. Afternoon thunderstorms are feeding the earth and trees are blooming their flowery beauties while hillsides are turning green. Sailing down the dramatic coastline of Peninsula de Nicoya has been… pretty awesome.

A necessary stop for checking-in, Playas del Coco was a rolly, crowded anchorage, plagued by red tide

Development has been a (complex?) issue along the Northern coast of the Nicoya Penninsula. The Ticos take their clean beaches very seriously so unlike many places visited before not even an unsightly building couldn’t tarnish the beautiful palm-lined beaches –  standard at every semi-developed beach we’ve seen. Official formalities in Costa Rica were a relief compared to the corruption we dealt with to the North, so stopping over at the popular and crowded Playa del Coco turned out in our favor because they had the best pizza ever.

The least favored detail was the heavy-surf dinghy landing that tossed me and my loaded up purse overboard. Fully in the water. I obviously lived through it and was laughing a lot because I was really embarrassed.

We were in heaven provisioning at the well-stocked grocery stores. The high-ceiling USA-style mega stores featured pestos, sushi makings, jams, cheeses and amazing breads and treats – just as consumey as home and arguably important for mental health. Pricey compared to Nicaragua (our last shop), but water is potable here from most hoses, so we have adequate justification of spending more on jam. Whatever goodies we can store on-board are always worth a celebration.

Rowing home after a long day of provisioning and a successful, dry dinghy launching!

Sunset over Coco

A pleasant sail rounding Isla Santa Catalina in the rock-strewn coastline North of Cabo Velas


The anchorage tucked in at Tamarindo


Make pizza on your boat in a bbq! We burned at least 2 before this.

Covered in broken conch shells the reefs around tiny Isla Capitan – Really clear water for snorkeling and some
of the best we’ve seen since… the Channel Islands?

Antares, a beautiful charter boat at anchor in Tamarindo

The first rains! Bye bye dry season… the thunderstorms are here to bring life to these dry hills

Passage making

The tiny anchorage in the Eastern finger of Bahia Carrillo

I climbed up that rock and in the tiny little tree was a nest with two tiny birds in it!

Little nest above the anchorage

Andrew up in a mango tree picking a backpack full of delicious free treats!

High above the anchorage at Carrillo after a rain storm from the deck at Guanamar

I found one sea glass beach… full of goodies!

Blooming plumeria trees along the cliffs at Carrillo

Listening to the thunder and watching the approach of a charged rain storm

Another view above Carrillo

XOXO, Julie

12 Responses to “Sailing Peninsula de Nicoya”
  1. kristen Rice says:

    YAAY Julie Pics! I was thinking in your last post how I would like to my my friend Julie’s face in these incredible photos! I love you sweetheart, miss you terribly. safe travels!xoxo
    Kristen Rice

  2. Fabienne Nitopi says:

    Beautiful pictures, and I agree so happy to see your lovely face! Costa Rica looks amazing! Glad you guys are having fun! xoxoxo

  3. cathn says:

    Julie Kluh,

    You are absolutely amazing. This adventure is amazing!


  4. Jenny Shade says:

    So nice to see your beautiful face again. Thanks for the post. The water is so very clear. I also love the idea that you see blooming plumeria. Wow!

  5. Tery & Ricky says:

    Beautiful!!! U 2look great!!!
    Ter & Ricky

  6. Suzie Winans says:

    Kate and I both look forward to your photos and writing! and what beautiful teeth!!
    Aunt Suz

  7. Joaquin Corssen says:

    Gotta love that mango tree!! Unreal passages you too are cruising through, peace and harmony ;)!!!

  8. Kristian Beadle says:

    pura vida!! I have some friends down by the Osa Peninsula, property near pan dulce/backwash/matapalo, in case I can connect you guys, good anchoring there. I love the photography, Julie you have an amazing eye for detail and composition. How about some of those paitings of yours? and some surf shots eh Andrew!!

  9. hgsail says:

    Way too freek’n cool guys!!

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