Windy Windy Windy // Visiting Leon

Nicaragua is all set-up to blow night and day for weeks on end. This time of year is the windiest and this year has seen a strong pattern in place. The type of wind is offshore, East winds, hot dry winds that feel like the desert. The hardest we’ve seen it blow here was at least 40 knots… plenty. These winds come across the Nicaraguan land mass from the easterly trades in the Atlantic and come charging over Lake Nicaragua and blast into the Pacific where they create steep small-period waves. Sailors call them papgayos, which means parrots in espanol. For sailors this means that the waves created from the wind are dangerous and passing this region is challenging. For surfers this means the long-period waves will be clean and good (as long as it’s not nuking like crazy). For us, it meant we weren’t going anywhere.

Heeling over in a gust from the non-stop papagayos… check out the dusty horizon

We’ve been hanging here for a month now and it’s been pretty awesome, we love it here. Andrew has been occupied by one thing only and that is getting barreled. I don’t blame him, I’m really jealous.

Andrew in the barrel

Fresh salsa… I’ve been making some of that almost every day

The peaceful country-side walk to the beach

Calm twilight in the estuary

Visiting Leon

Leon is only a couple hours from the boat. It’s one of the oldest colonial cities in the country, a university town, that has traditionally rebelled against it’s poor countries psycho dictators with pride. There was a lot to learn. We ate tons of gourmet food in courtyards and swung in hammocks on a little second-story patio. Here are some photos from the trip…

We’re all stocked up and the winds are finally easing up… we’re planning on heading out of here within the next week for Costa Rica.

7 Responses to “Windy Windy Windy // Visiting Leon”
  1. Lela Childers says:

    Hi Julie,,I’m always so excited to see new posts & pictures from you..once again all the pictures are spectacular…it is so colorful there. I wish that you & Kelli could have connected when she was there. Her next adventure starts on March 27, when she leaves for Thailand, & surrounding countries for 5 weeks.We are going to Las Vegas next weekend to spend some time with her before she leaves.I was lucky enough to see your Mom a few weeks ago. Unfortunatly..Tracie was in pre-op waiting for surgery..but it’s always nice to see your Mom & talk about our girls & their great adventures.(you & Kelli).Please be safe..Love, Lela

  2. James says:

    Were just pushing into Honduras, We’ll be in Costa in about a month or so, see you there!?

  3. Joaquin Corssen says:

    Julie: mindblowing photos!!

    Andrew: $%&~#€@!!… I see there’s no complain about offshore winds for you weon! Juanpablito would be so stoked to be there kitesurfing

    Safe winds to Costa amigos!

  4. Karina S Daily says:

    Hey Jules,

    It’s been great checking in on your posts from time to time as well as the occasional update from Sara. Everything looks unspectacular and glad to hear the boat is up and running!! Not sure if this is totally out of the blue since I only know you through Sara but Derek and I are trying to plan a trip this year and wanted to reach out about maybe meeting up with you and Andrew along your voyage. Shoot me an email if you’re open to visitors say anytime in June-August??

  5. Lori Singmaster says:

    Really enjoy this blog…thanks. Interesting mural of the student revolution….let us know what parts of CR you hit. I can’t wait to head back to Central America!!! safe travels. xo Lori

  6. mou-dick says:

    damn binger that barrel pic is epic. been living in socal and i reckon its the flattest winter on record. sucks

  7. Johnny Holiday says:

    Well now this is quite the little trip I dare say– impressive and ambitious certainly. I have been enjoying living vicariously through your travels as I’m stuck here in the office dealing with the daily rigamarole of this hemorrhoid haven. Ahh the stories you must have, and the photos I do say the photos are a little bit of wonderfulness with a dash of spice. Like my uncle told me before we went out on the road my first time, “Life is an adventure or it is nothing.” Well okay he probably didn’t say that but he sure as hell should have damn it.

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