The Tour

Ryan (my bro) and Lani (his girlfriend) came down for a visit mid January. All four of us camped out on Arcturus for a couple of nights, did some bbqing and swimming and then I dragged everyone on a road trip to a few towns Andrew and I hadn’t visited yet. I didn’t write anything, so you don’t have to read anything!


Orchids! Growing in the wild!


Lago Coatepeque

6 Responses to “The Tour”
  1. suzie says:

    when can we come down?
    aunt suz, uncle john and kate

  2. Allison Shephard says:

    Love the photos, Julie! XOXOXO….Allison

  3. Ryan and Lani says:

    Thanks for the trip guys! Miss you!

  4. Amber et Damien says:

    Andrew, Julie!!

    Ok, so I’m speaking for Damien as I’m all by my lonesome at work… But we are thrilled to hear you are back with the boat and continue to cruise. We’re headed to Pelican’s for the long weekend – we’ll play at cruising for at least a few days. ; ) Crossing my fingers to see the whales migrate and reference the shell book that I bought like yours! Wishing you engine perfection, calm seas, and whatever it takes to keep the sparkle in your eyes & adventure in your hearts. xoxo

  5. Lisa K says:

    Beautiful Julie! Life is grand. I just got back from a fun weekend in Tahoe. Pretty dry winter up there but it snowed 3 feet last week so spirits were high, the sun was out, and beer was flowing. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful photos and memorable moments here! I love looking at your photos right before bed, dreaming of sun-kissed skin, sand between my toes, and waves lulling me to sleep. Be well! love love Lisa

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