We’re Back


We’re back on the boat! The rain has stopped, the weather is awesome and we are cleaning, fixing, working and living aboard yet again. I didn’t find any inspiration to post on the blog a minute earlier than I have right now, so apologies it’s been so long with an update. There is no place on earth that seems more right to be than on this incredibly small, cramped up little yacht we call home. We returned from the states after doing some work and visiting to find Arcy with a few unfortunate problems, but they meant to happen here, so onward we row.

We first came back to the boat about four weeks ago, and spent two days cleaning and swearing because we were about to leave her again. We headed south to follow up on a job Andrew was offered to be a surf guide in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Once we made the long bus trip down and arrived, it quickly became obvious that it wasn’t going to be the right place for us. One afternoon after sliding down the muddy jungle trail we realized, it’s cruising season, we have an out-fitted sailing yacht and we were totally blowing it. We packed our bags and made the several hundred mile journey back to El Salvador.

The journey begins…

The beach was pretty nice there

and I saw a two-toed sloth

The waves were pretty good one day

This is our friend Jaime working it. Check out his awesome surf art here

But we had to go

Once arriving back to El Salvador we were starting to feel after months on the go, that we were in the right place. We hired a guy to drive us all over San Salvador to provision and hunt for new batteries for the boat. We eventually settled on some decent although sketchy ones and so far they are appearing to do the job. We have realized that we have some issues with our charge controller, but at this point, at least we have power!

So, while working on the battery issues we finally got into the engine compartment and oh joy, we had the unfortunate news of a classic ol’ seized piston in our one cylinder engine. It’s basically the worst case scenario for the little engine. We already pulled it out of the boat and are having it worked on in San Salvador. Now we are trying to get parts here quickly.


She’s free!

Although, at first a major heartbreak, this problem has shed light on a lot of our other engine issues and we are glad to be working on it here. There are great resources for diesel work down here and the price is right. Since our engine is so small, even I can lift it, getting it out of the boat while on our mooring was a piece of cake with the help of a local mechanic and also a fellow cruiser who gave us invaluable information and help. We are now looking to stay here for another month or so while getting everything in working order again and are looking forward to a visit from my brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Lani.

Here are some pics from near the anchorage…

10 Responses to “We’re Back”
  1. Kelli Childers says:

    Glad to see that everything is working out! Really wish we could’ve gotten together. Guess I’ll just have to head back to Central America! Hope you’re well. Happy Holidays to you and Andrew! Lots of love!

  2. katte says:

    Cousin Julie- All sloths have two toes. Kate

  3. Kristian says:

    Good luck with the diesel repair. She’s going to end up better than ever.

  4. Dave and Meghan says:

    So glad you guys made it back to the boat! Once again, it was great to see you guys in ME…

    Say hi to my old buddy Drew. Great photos as always!

  5. Constantine says:

    Norton, you are the man!!!

  6. Chris P says:

    Ru Man good on yah, where are you headed? Galapogoes? I’m trapped in what could best be described as a corporate hell zona.Super jealous of your post modern liberated life. (f……)

  7. Pat says:

    Sorry to see that you’re having some minor engine problems. good thing Andrew has is a pro at them!!!
    Safe cruising

  8. hgsail says:

    a little H2o not a prob!!

  9. Joaquin Corssen says:

    Gotta go hard on manjar weonso!

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