Wet Season

Oh, it’s been so long! Arcturus is still on her mooring in the El Salvador estuary where she landed on May 15. Two months after surfing, traveling and a bit of working in El Salvador and Guatemala it has been decided we are waiting out the wet season to begin our southerly adventure on the boat again in October. Despite our guts, which have been weakened somewhat by local bacteria, we don’t have enough of them to charge into the lightening ridden night seas. Plus, we figure we stretch this thing (travel by boat) out as long as possible while enjoying ourselves. We are temporarily back in the states pursuing a few art projects and other adventures. Here are some of my favorite photos from the last month or so in El Salvador… Enjoy! (another post with Guatemala photos coming soon)


El Salvador

This is where the boat is located. An El Salvadorian guy, Santos, provides moorings and is looking after our boat (and many others) for $100/month.

Some wild ninas who chased us down at the beach

Sunzal sketch and blooming fire tree

Fishing in the estuary

High in the clouds standing on the rim of Volcano Boqueron

Looking into the crater

This is a flycatcher, I think

El Zonte

River mouth working

Andrew shredding

A collection of my favorite seaglass finds. Marbles are generally some of the rarest sea glass finds – but not here and this is why. A lot of children play with glass marbles and some get washed into the sea. After years of tumbling in the surf – you get the frosted worn down beauties you see above and below. Click Here to see my seaglass jewelry!

Some of my sea treasures from the amazing sea glass hunting… Click Here to see my seaglass jewelry!

Looking over San Salvador

El Jaguey… Golfo de Fonseca


Fitting in the whole cove at K59

Crabs on the bus! Toad not on the bus…


We scored a sweet work trade and stayed at this beautiful villa while I designed a website and Andrew set-up an adwords campaign. My web skills are amateur, but you can see the site here villadelolas.com

Bye Bye!

4 Responses to “Wet Season”
  1. Fabienne says:

    Julie the sea glass is incredible! Hope I can see you guys while you are waiting out hurricane season! Love you!

  2. Jenny Shade says:

    So, you flew back home for a while. I assume that means Seattle. Again, your pics are lovely! Things here go very well. It’s nice working in Ventura when it gets hot inland.

  3. Alison says:

    Hey lady!!
    It’s Alison, your crazy friend from Ventucky! ahhaah.
    I finally found the email with your blog link and can check it out.
    This whole time I had lost the email and couldn’t see your blog! ; (

    AMAZING photos girl! I am so excited for you guys! It looks like so much fun.
    And the sea glass….I can’t believe it. How beautiful. The best sea glass ever.
    And your sketches are so rad. I love your style. I think my fave is your clouds. They are so
    fluffy and cute. You should illustrate books.
    Also, that website you created…spectacular! Totally professional, what are you talking about.
    Can you do my website one day? I need help.

    Wowweeee. I miss you guys!
    Hope all is well and hope to see you one day in the future!

  4. James Hart says:

    just popped in to see what you crazy kids are up too, back in the States? SoCal or WA? Lets meet up! Oh yah I wanted to ask what internet dongle you dudes were using to get internets everywhere

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