El Salvador Overland

Join me now on a photographic journey of our time so far in El Salvador. The last passage wiped us – we embarked on an overland exploration with joy. Once we got the boat set up on a mooring in the estuary we headed off, instead of to sea, to land…

Where it all starts: pupusas. Staple street food of el salvador – made to order with perfection

Hop on

Chicken bus

Our first stop. Still at the ocean… a pencil rendition of the Las Flores

Small hammerhead sharks and other sea catch of the day


Panga waiting to get wheeled out over the sand and sent into the surf

Panga driver with colorful coastline and the waves

There are two waves of interest here… one is out front and one is up the coast. Most surfers arrange for and pay $50 for the local fishermen to take them in their boat. The boats are stored up at the tide lines and get rolled down the beach on logs or trailers and then launched into the surf. One beefy guy carries the engine down on his shoulder. They set up and wait for a lull to bomb out of the surf break. Boat handling and wave reading skills are insane.

Fish nets drying in the trees

Cute little one having his siesta

Love birds

Tapio, our man from finlandia and branden, hushmoney from hollywood

The car has been rented and the roads are smooth…

Arriving in Tacuba – a small mountain town atop a hostel rooftop

Wall art

Happy to be out of school or see some a strange blond chica?

Google MS 13 gang for more information

Along the streets of el salvador

National Park Impossible

Coffee berries along the trail to pools of green

Our mountain man of mystery

The best shot from high above the last fall

Mini frog in the forest

Biggest jump spot at the end of the line

and a treat for the hike out

Man of the mountains and the universe

Inside his humble house grilling up a tortilla for lunch


The colors of Tacbua

They use the sticks to cook with

Breakfast looking extra good pre volcano hike

We got a flat tire and it was fun

From the ridge…

The crater lake in Volcano Santa Ana that errupted in 2005 and filled with rain water

Back to the sea…

11 Responses to “El Salvador Overland”
  1. Kelli Childers says:

    The pictures are incredible Jules!

  2. Joaco says:

    Good to see you made it safe to El salvador and see this magical shots from a magical country for sure!. I hope you two will enjoy to the fulness and charge yourselves con la energía positiva y el amor de las personas que encuentran en el camino.

    El surf… sin comentarios!! Looks so perfect for me aahahaa!

    My favorite two pics were the fall ending at the rainbow and the perfect right hand line from the point!!

    Keep the story coming and have a mysto trip hahaha!

  3. Allison Shephard says:

    Jump spot! Looks like a good one : )

    I’m having a hard time reading your blog and checking out the pics because it makes me so pissed sitting at my desk, working on the comp all day long!!! Someday…but for now, I’ll live vicariously through you and your entries!


  4. Jenny Shade says:

    You are truly a world away. I think about you guys when I’m walking on the beach. Keep having fun!

  5. Fabienne Nitopi says:

    Beautiful pictures Julie! So vibrant!

  6. Patty Layton says:

    Hi Julie….sittin’ here in Oly after a really nice Father’s Day dinner….everyone’s gone home and I had a moment to check your latest….what a true pleasure seeing your photos and imagining you in that paradise. I am making sure Steph and Sus check in with you, too. What an adventure….a lifetime of beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing, sweet Julie.

  7. James Hart says:

    you have a great eye Julie, beautiful photos, enjoy the ride

  8. Lela Childers says:

    Hi Jules,
    Once again you amaze me with your pictures..how I love keeping up with your journey. I’m so impressed with the pictures of food. It all looks delicious..so fresh & beautifully presented.Things in Oly have been extra chilly & wet.Finally, a nice day , for the first day of summer.Hope it continues. I look forward to your posts & pictures. Stay safe.. Enjoy every minute. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your great adventure. Love, Lela

  9. Sally Holly says:

    Wow Julie. Your photography is amazing. They way you capture the people and food and culture is breath taking. So glad you are both having the time of your like. We still miss you too much!

  10. Sally Holly says:

    i am wearing my seaglass necklace today!

  11. Amber Robinson/Damien Fabre says:

    Julie, Andrew,

    Always a delight to follow your story. Six months on board now, eh? Bravo! June gloom in these parts, so it’s great to catch glimpses of a tropical paradise. I’m glad to hear that you took some time to get grounded and explore before sailing off in the horizon towards your following destination. My breath is held in suspense to see where the winds guide you both next. Keep living with such joy and integrity. It is a beautiful sight to behold!

    Be well,
    Amber (and Damien, soon to be back)

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