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Two Months in the Mentawais

We did not sail to the Mentawai Islands on Arcturus… but I have happily broken my sailing-only blog content vow to share with you the remote and beautiful glory of the magical Mentawai Islands off the Sumatran coast of Indonesia… Home for a little while… Preparing for the trip Padang River Arriving at sunrise after a … Continue reading

Safe and Sound

Arcturus has been at anchor in Boca Chica Panama since we left her in September. Tucked in behind many small islands the anchorage has full protection from the open ocean. Lightening-strike, theft, anchor rode chafe, anchor dragging, etc. were all possible while being left unattended. A friend who owns a nearby hotel kept an eye … Continue reading

Welcome to Panama

After a long stretch of rough nights at anchor we arrived to the completely protected, beautiful anchorage in Boca Chica  Panama where we are anchored up for the time being. Weather generally dictates how and what we’re doing on board. We are at one with and totally at the mercy of the local environment. Subject … Continue reading

The Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce

At first, we were nervous to take on the wet season, as many cruising boats decide to tie up and leave the tropics for this time of year. We did it last year. Due to the limited places to leave yachts and the costs of doing so this wet season was here for the taking … Continue reading

Santa Teresa and The Cloud Forest

After having spent over four months with very little time ashore and every night aboard the boat at anchor we were eager to enjoy the comforts of land. Finally doing that big load of laundry, walking to pick up fresh produce, a still night not rolling in the ocean swell, not having to get up … Continue reading

Salt Water Color

Watercolor from the shade of the shore View out the back door A squall moving down the gulf Just peeling away with nobody out We were boarded by the Costa Rican Coast Guard, as you can see. They wanted to know if it was our boat and if we had an EPIRB (an emergy locating … Continue reading

Sailing Peninsula de Nicoya

What a treat Costa Rica has been. A coastline full of bays, reefs and clear water have created protected anchorages, surf, and beautiful sandy coves. Spending our days free-diving reefs, exploring empty beaches, and surfing in clear warm waves has slowed time down to a new reality. Afternoon thunderstorms are feeding the earth and trees … Continue reading

Northern Costa Rica Wilderness

Bahia Santa Elena Whales, dolphins, and marlins were all jumping at dawn when we made the passage into the calm bay of Santa Elena, Costa Rica. Nearly the entire Northern portion of the Costa Rica coast is now protected by Santa Rosa National Park, formerly the weapons drop-zone and staging area for the US contra-efforts … Continue reading

Close-Hauled South

A month of barrels and flat estuary water was hard to leave, but we were ready for the freedom and space of being at sea again.  We headed out into the infamous Papagayo section of the Nicaraguan coast with Costa Rica on the mind. Weather forecasts showed little to no offshore wind event when we … Continue reading

Windy Windy Windy // Visiting Leon

Nicaragua is all set-up to blow night and day for weeks on end. This time of year is the windiest and this year has seen a strong pattern in place. The type of wind is offshore, East winds, hot dry winds that feel like the desert. The hardest we’ve seen it blow here was at … Continue reading

Passage to Nicaragua

Feb 16th was the first time we’ve raised sail since May of last year. After paying the port $300 and something for our stay in El Salvador we fired up the freshly rebuilt engine and prepared to head to sea. That project cost us $1400. Thank you remote jobs or we would be headed home. … Continue reading

The Tour

Ryan (my bro) and Lani (his girlfriend) came down for a visit mid January. All four of us camped out on Arcturus for a couple of nights, did some bbqing and swimming and then I dragged everyone on a road trip to a few towns Andrew and I hadn’t visited yet. I didn’t write anything, … Continue reading

Pirate Haul Out + Christmas Trip

We didn’t technically haul the boat out of the water, but we did get the boat dried out on the mud with help from the local marine-man Santos and his crew to get some work done on our sail drive. He said he learned his technique from the pirates.  At 6am/slack tide we took Arcturus … Continue reading


We’re Back

We’re back on the boat! The rain has stopped, the weather is awesome and we are cleaning, fixing, working and living aboard yet again. I didn’t find any inspiration to post on the blog a minute earlier than I have right now, so apologies it’s been so long with an update. There is no place … Continue reading


I thought I would share a little about seaglass – which is what I have been up to since leaving the boat in July. Seaglass is broken glass that has been in the ocean for a long time rolling around in the rocks eventually washing up looking like a big honkin’ jewel. Here is Andrew … Continue reading


Photo sharing from Guatemala… San Pedro Lake Atitlan Jump spot Navigator Antigua This was a pretty sweet carnival The kayak guy Corn fields Late night tortillas More lake Men of the lake Watercolor inspiration Misty Antigua morning Puddles Colors Peaches Tiny chairs for tiny people!

Wet Season

Oh, it’s been so long! Arcturus is still on her mooring in the El Salvador estuary where she landed on May 15. Two months after surfing, traveling and a bit of working in El Salvador and Guatemala it has been decided we are waiting out the wet season to begin our southerly adventure on the … Continue reading

El Salvador Overland

Join me now on a photographic journey of our time so far in El Salvador. The last passage wiped us – we embarked on an overland exploration with joy. Once we got the boat set up on a mooring in the estuary we headed off, instead of to sea, to land… Where it all starts: … Continue reading

Squalls, Storms and Surf

The first night in Huatulco we anchored off the beach in Bahia Santa Cruz. After the 24 hour passage from up north and several rolly nights on the hook the arrival was a relief. The naval presence here was unparalleled to any we had seen in Mexico. Maybe it was because it was Easter. There … Continue reading

Ixtapa to Huatulco

The first thing I do when we are feeling in the mood to get going is open up the guide books and the charts to figure out what sort of destination and passage we have in store. This starts with deciding how far we want to go and where… then we calculate mileage and time … Continue reading